My Approach

Real Food. Real Results.

I believe that we are what we eat, think and drink. Simply put, to obtain long term successful health there must be a lifestyle that is realistic, offers tasty food options and most importantly, can be maintained for a lifetime. Where good health is involved, there are no quick fixes, magic pills, counting calories or dreary restrictive food menus…. because real life involves real food and real living.

About Me

Sheila Ream

I graduated with honours with from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2012 and I am registered and certified as a holistic nutritionist through the Certified Nutritional Practitioners of Canada (CNP).My focus has been primarily on the health and well being of children. Having 3 teenagers involved in various sports from karate, hockey, figure skating to track, I understand the challenges of providing tasty and yet nutritious meals and snacks that your family will embrace for the long run.When I am not working, or at a rink watching my kids partake in sports, I can be found at our local dojo kickboxing, at the Balmy Beach Club working out or enjoying a walk

Services Offered

Pantry Patrol
follow-up sessions are $60 as needed

I will take a look through your fridge and pantry offering advice on healthier food options-(if needed) and alternative product suggestions keeping in mind your budget and long term goals.

Private nutrition and lifestyle consultations
Fully Confidential

After reviewing and analyzing your present diet, I will provide simple, tasty and healthy meal ideas and programs or full menu planning depending on your health concerns and budget- it is up to you and where you are in your personal nutrition journey. I will also gladly do in-home consultations, if it's more convenient for you.

Sports Team Nutritional coaching
10-20 players per team
1-2 Hours

I offer two informative and fun meetings- one with parents and the other with the players. Topics to include meal timing, food suggestions before during and after a game to help enhance performance and healthy snack ideas to increase stamina, supplementation( for older players).Included is a team package for each player with tips, resources and recipes as discussed.

Let's get in touch

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